An Afternoon with DAVID Seeds

WFF is extremely esteemed to have partnered with Conagra Brands for the 6th Annual Woody's Winter Warm-Up. The event was an incredible

Exploring UIC

Pitch In students were excited to explore UIC's beautiful campus last Wednesday. Throughout the tour we learned fun facts about the University,

LCA Baseball Clinic

WFF was delighted to host our second baseball clinic at LCA this past weekend! LCA 3rd, 4th and 5th graders joined us

Battle of the Bats

Four deserving Pitch In students were able to join us at Wrigley Field for our Battle of the Bats fundraiser! Due to great grades, positive behavior and overall improvement Tominique, Lattida, Damarcus and Da’Quan were chosen to represent Pitch In for our event.

LCA Baseball Clinic

WFF enjoyed a great weekend at LCA for our annual baseball clinic! The clinic was open to Lawndale Elementary 3rd, 4th and