This January Pitch In students had a great start to the new year! Here are some updates on each of our three classes.

6th Grade students have been enjoying our partnership with Facets, a nonprofit film organization that educates through the arts and films. In total, students and mentors have enjoyed over 7 films together all focused around the theme of bullying and peer pressure. After each film the group has engaged in several meaningful discussions around the hardships many of us see or face in our daily lives.

5th Graders have spent the month learning about the importance of both mental and physical health with the help of two very special guests. Coach Phil came to visit with several healthy tips and tricks to keep us fit and energized. The following week we were joined by art therapist Jenny who was able to introduce the concept of making order out of chaos with fun doodling activities to music all while our eyes were closed!

4th grade students had some fun with food this month as we walked through the food pyramid, tried some food from each food group, created our own veggie super heroes and cooked with The Kids Table!

We are so blessed to have so many guests support our weekly programming and engage with LCA students, thank you all for pitching in! #TogetherWeWin