Pitch In Ended 2017 with a BANG!

This December Pitch In students took a walk in someone else's shoes with our Pay It Forward theme that carried through all

Pitch In Ended 2017 with a BANG!2018-01-26T18:29:28-06:00

February Fun

This week Pitch In students started their new monthly themes, got on the stage to present to their families and enjoyed family

February Fun2017-03-19T01:26:17-06:00

An Afternoon with DAVID Seeds

WFF is extremely esteemed to have partnered with Conagra Brands for the 6th Annual Woody's Winter Warm-Up. The event was an incredible

An Afternoon with DAVID Seeds2017-03-19T01:28:06-06:00

Pitch In Welcomes 2017!

This January Pitch In students had a great start to the new year! Here are some updates on each of our three

Pitch In Welcomes 2017!2017-03-20T02:59:35-06:00

Pitch In December 2016

This week Pitch In students rocked in earning many Pitch In tickets and high fives from both mentors and staff! Our 4th

Pitch In December 20162017-03-19T02:05:38-06:00

Logos with Y & R Chicago

Last week our Pitch In 4th graders got to see the transformation of the logos they created with our friends at Y

Logos with Y & R Chicago2017-03-19T02:11:11-06:00

Restorative Justice in 6th Grade

This month our Pitch In 6th graders are learning about the pillars of restorative justice and solving conflict through discussion. Through videos,

Restorative Justice in 6th Grade2017-03-19T02:13:08-06:00

Back To School With New Back Packs!

LCA students were blessed to end their first week back to school with new back packs filled with school supplies thanks to

Back To School With New Back Packs!2017-03-19T04:53:05-06:00

Behind the Scenes at the Brookfield Zoo

Our last week of the Pitch In summer program was filled with excitement, new activities and our final field trip to the

Behind the Scenes at the Brookfield Zoo2017-03-19T04:56:04-06:00

Exploring UIC

Pitch In students were excited to explore UIC's beautiful campus last Wednesday. Throughout the tour we learned fun facts about the University,

Exploring UIC2017-03-19T04:57:42-06:00
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