Mural Work & Chefs in Training

This past week Pitch In summer students were extremely busy with our partners! We painted murals on our schools' walls with Connect

Mural Work & Chefs in Training2016-08-15T17:55:04-06:00

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum Trip

Pitch In students explored interactive exhibits, creatures and the trails at the Nature museum field trip. We had a great day learning

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum Trip2016-08-08T22:43:40-06:00

SNAP Kitchen Field Trip

In July Pitch In students were thrilled to visit Old Town's Snap Kitchen! While visiting students were able to try a variety

SNAP Kitchen Field Trip2016-08-08T22:32:05-06:00

A Day In Paris

Last Friday Pitch In enjoyed our first field trip to Sofitel Hotel downtown for a themed "Day in Paris." The hotel did

A Day In Paris2016-07-18T19:10:03-06:00

Pitch In Summer Program!

Pitch In summer programming is in full swing! Entering week 3 we have enjoyed many new camp games, crafts and peace circles.

Pitch In Summer Program!2016-07-08T15:54:58-06:00

Pitch In Parties!

The last two weeks marked the end of our 1st year with our 4th graders, and the end of year

Pitch In Parties!2016-06-24T15:02:50-06:00

Healthy You!

Pitch In explored topics on how to be our most healthy self this month and we had experts share their knowledge with

Healthy You!2016-06-03T21:04:04-06:00

Comparing & Contrasting

This month Pitch In students explored entities that are different but the same, what is the difference between two mentors? Gender, age,

Comparing & Contrasting2016-06-03T20:46:37-06:00

Activities in April

This April Pitch In students explored a variety of topics in 4th and 5th grade sessions. Pitch In 5th graders focused on

Activities in April2016-06-03T20:02:44-06:00

Move To Your Own Beat

March kept our Pitch In 5th graders busy exploring new sounds with our friends at Old Town School of Folk Music! Instructor

Move To Your Own Beat2016-04-07T20:53:17-06:00
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