Meet WFF Intern – Alex Boustany

As a rising junior at The Ohio State University, it was easy to consider local Chicagoan Alex Boustany (also known as Alex

Meet WFF Intern – Alex Boustany2016-06-27T15:47:14-06:00

Pitch In Parties!

The last two weeks marked the end of our 1st year with our 4th graders, and the end of year

Pitch In Parties!2016-06-24T15:02:50-06:00

Healthy You!

Pitch In explored topics on how to be our most healthy self this month and we had experts share their knowledge with

Healthy You!2016-06-03T21:04:04-06:00

Comparing & Contrasting

This month Pitch In students explored entities that are different but the same, what is the difference between two mentors? Gender, age,

Comparing & Contrasting2016-06-03T20:46:37-06:00

Activities in April

This April Pitch In students explored a variety of topics in 4th and 5th grade sessions. Pitch In 5th graders focused on

Activities in April2016-06-03T20:02:44-06:00
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