Jon Arndt

Director of Finance + Operations


Jon is a non-profit professional with over 20 years’ experience working in the sector of education, arts, and culture. Born and raised in Ohio, Jon has been a Chicago resident for the past 23 years and is a 6 year resident of Jefferson Park on the northwest side. Jon earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from The Ohio State University and has dedicated his career to being in service to the power that the arts have in the development of young hearts and minds. Jon has worked across the non-profit spectrum, providing operations leadership and financial management to organizations that serve in providing access and opportunity to teach, nurture, and inspire young communities from across all parts of the Chicago landscape, including Chicago Public Art Group, Chicago Children’s Theater, and The Chicago Academy for the Arts.

Jon believes that access to quality education for all young people is imperative to create a just and equitable future where we all thrive.

Quinnetta “Quinn” Daniels

Director of Program


Quinn is a native Chicagoan, National Board Certified Educator, Coach, and Consultant. Quinn is a Golden Apple Scholar, George Pullman Scholar, and graduate of DePaul University and the University of Illinois at Chicago, aiming to correct generational cycles of miseducation. Driven by life’s purpose, she coaches through thoughtful, authentic leadership that empowers others to do the things they once thought unimaginable. Former Chicago Public Schools middle school teacher, with over a decade of experience and funny stories surrounding adolescent education and development. A kid at heart, Quinn enjoys being brave and curious. This has led her down wondrous paths towards her mission to provide meaningful educational experiences for young and adult learners alike by promoting education equality, taking a holistic approach to teaching and learning, and using data driven strategies–that sometimes look more anecdotal.

Nate Olison

Program Manager, Lawndale Community Academy


Nate is a writer, performer, and teaching artist living in Chicago, Illinois. He received a BA in Fiction Writing from Columbia College in 2012. He has been teaching and performing poetry in the city for 10 years, most notably winning a spot on the finals stage of the National Poetry Slam with Mental Graffiti slam team. As a youth development specialist and prison abolitionist, he is dedicated to helping young people overcome obstacles presented by systemic oppression. He’s also a competitive video game player and aspiring comic book creator in his spare time.

Aaron Vogel

Program Manager, Yates Elementary School


Aaron earned a B.A. in Political Science From DePauw University and an M.A. in Secondary Education from Lewis University. After teaching for six years, he brought his corny sense of humor and passion for working with young people to WFF/Pitch In.

Aaron lives in Chicago with his wife and three young children. He is an avid runner, frequent traveler and pickle aficionado.

Jackie Herrera

Program Manager, Moos Elementary


Jackie is proud to be a Chicago native that is passionate about youth work in our communities. Jackie has been in the Educational Non-Profit sector for almost 10 years supporting CPS students and their families. She believes that representation matters which is why she stays in this line of work to ensure that students see adults that share similar identities. She’s seen firsthand the difference this makes when building trust and advocating for our young people. When Jackie isn’t in the field doing the work, you can find her traveling & exploring new places or taking long car rides on Lake Shore Drive.

Allison Shakelford

Program Manager, Sumner Math & Science Academy


Allison is excited to join the WFF team as the Pitch In Program Manager at Charles Sumner Math & Science Community Academy in the North Lawndale community. Allison comes to WFF with over 5 years of experience planning, coordinating, and facilitating youth programs in CPS and the Chicagoland community in topics ranging from performing Shakespeare to civic engagement. Allison’s approach to working with youth is rooted in a social justice youth development framework that is restorative, healing centered, facilitates critical thinking and agency, and celebrates culture and identity. Allison feels her approach is in alignment with the Pitch In program’s mission of giving students the range of tools they need to thrive in middle school, high school, and beyond. Allison graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a B.A in Theatre Performance in 2014 and from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a M.Ed. in Youth Development in 2021. Her hope for the future is in young people.