Pitch In Mentors

Our adult mentors come from all walks of life and professional sectors, and make a deep, multi-year commitment to be a support system and advocate for the Pitch In students they serve. Mentors agree to join Pitch In after school 2-3 times per month on their designated weekday, and work side-by-side with students to explore their identities, improve their grades, build leadership skills, and ultimately successfully transition to high school at the end of Pitch In.

Pitch In mentors are:

  • Engaged, fired up to lead the charge on supporting the school communities they serve.
  • Open and flexible, able to adjust in response to student needs and interests.
  • Relationship-focused, in it for the long-haul.
  • Youth experienced, comfortable working with middle schoolers of different educational, economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Able to persevere, possesses a patient and positive mindset that allows them to overcome obstacles throughout their mentoring relationship.
  • Connectors who consistently advocate for their Pitch In mentees.

We identify new potential mentors each spring, in preparation to match them with their Pitch In class and set their Pitch In day of the week, all in order to begin working together the following fall. If you are interested in learning more about Pitch In’s mentorship commitment, or you know someone who is, please contact us.

Click here to download the Mentor Application!

Pitch In Mentor Testimonials 

The 4th graders are an amazing bunch of kids who are eager to learn and have some fun at the same time. Being a mentor has allowed me to grow personally and I’m excited to see my 4th graders grow as they progress to their graduation and off to high school.

Antonio A., Mentor

Over the past 2 years I have developed extremely special relationships with my mentees. Not only have I formed many new friendships, but I also have began to appreciate what I have as a result of being a mentor. Pitch In has become one of my homes away from home, as I have grown to feel like everyone involved is one big welcoming family.

Danielle R., Mentor

I am so grateful to have spent my first school year with our amazing 4th grade students. I look forward to continuing to serve as a resource and positive influence in their lives as they move on to apply for high school. The Pitch In program is full of unbelievably bright, energetic and creative kids—paired with caring, fun, hardworking mentors and staff.

Mike B., Mentor

I choose to volunteer with Pitch In because it gives me the opportunity to spend some quality time in a neighborhood that I grew up in as a kid. The Westside of Chicago; a very familiar area and the children at Lawndale makes it feel likes home. To spend just a few hours a week with the 4th graders is priceless.

Marcus W., Mentor

Pitch In has become one of my absolute favorite programs to work with. I loved it so much I recruited more employees from my company to join me! Hanging out with our Yates class after work is such a high point of our week because the kids truly enjoy being there- and it’s easy to understand why. The amount of effort and detail put into every aspect of their program proves how much the Wood Family Foundation truly cares. I’m so grateful for my Pitch In family and look forward to mentoring for years to come!

Allison M., Mentor