Breakin’ A Sweat at Energeewhizz

This past Monday was our 4th through 6th grader's last trip to Energeewhizz. They had a great workout by rotating to several

Breakin’ A Sweat at Energeewhizz2018-08-17T00:56:11-06:00

Paddleboarding on Montrose Beach

Last Friday 8th Grade Pitch In students had the privilege of going paddle boarding with the Chill Foundation and Kayak Chicago. We

Paddleboarding on Montrose Beach2018-08-06T23:30:43-06:00

Pitch In Painting

This week’s craft our 4th through 6th grade got creative while painting colorful wind chimes! Each student brought to life wooden pineapples,

Pitch In Painting2018-07-27T00:59:25-06:00

Pitch In Summer Camp Fun!

  Starting last week, Pitch In Summer Camp is in full swing! Students are getting used to a daily routine including morning

Pitch In Summer Camp Fun!2018-07-20T15:24:12-06:00

An Afternoon with DAVID Seeds

WFF is extremely esteemed to have partnered with Conagra Brands for the 6th Annual Woody's Winter Warm-Up. The event was an incredible

An Afternoon with DAVID Seeds2017-03-19T01:28:06-06:00

Family Dinner Week

Last week Pitch In enjoyed three family dinners, student presentations, several special guests and more!   The Pitch In Breakdown: 6th Graders

Family Dinner Week2017-03-19T02:08:11-06:00

Meet Pitch In MVP Tricia

When Kerry and Sarah first started the Pitch In mentorship program, they wanted it to be different than most mentor programs. They

Meet Pitch In MVP Tricia2016-07-25T18:23:28-06:00

Meet WFF Intern – Alex Boustany

As a rising junior at The Ohio State University, it was easy to consider local Chicagoan Alex Boustany (also known as Alex

Meet WFF Intern – Alex Boustany2016-06-27T15:47:14-06:00

Comparing & Contrasting

This month Pitch In students explored entities that are different but the same, what is the difference between two mentors? Gender, age,

Comparing & Contrasting2016-06-03T20:46:37-06:00

High School Spotlight

Kids these a staggering 6 foot something, 15-year-old Brandon Mahoney certainly does not act his shoe size. Well, I suppose most

High School Spotlight2016-04-29T14:35:58-06:00
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