An Afternoon with DAVID Seeds

WFF is extremely esteemed to have partnered with Conagra Brands for the 6th Annual Woody's Winter Warm-Up. The event was an incredible

An Afternoon with DAVID Seeds2017-03-19T01:28:06-06:00

Woody’s Back to School BBQ Bonanza!

What a great way to celebrate back to school at LCA! All students and families were invited to join us for some

Woody’s Back to School BBQ Bonanza!2014-09-08T15:41:21-06:00

Pitch In Mentee Breakfast

Thurs, May 29, the Pitch in mentors, WFF board members and Pitch In committee members were excited to meet the 2014-15  Pitch

Pitch In Mentee Breakfast2014-05-30T16:33:29-06:00

LCA Family Movie Night

On April 13th WFF hosted our first movie night in LCA's amazing auditorium! We were so excited to see many 3rd and

LCA Family Movie Night2014-05-06T19:13:56-06:00

Bernie’s Book Bank Partnership

This month Lawndale Elementary Community Academy welcomed a new partnership with Bernie's Book Bank! Bernie's will provide Lawndale students Pre-K through 6th

Bernie’s Book Bank Partnership2014-05-06T16:29:57-06:00
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